Complete Hardware set - Floral wheel Lineberry
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The complete set includes all of the cast iron hardware from a cart. This set is of the 'Industrial' style wheel, with the end caster wheels of a length to match.

2 end caster wheels
2 side wheels
2 side axle brackets
1 axle
2 cross braces
4 corner brackets

The diameter of the side wheels are 15 inches. The length of the end caster wheels is about 15 1/2, and with the standard wood frame, this makes a cart about 16 inches tall.

Original fasteners are available upon request. Please note that they are original and, due to their age, they may not be in perfect condition, and may not thread properly. The axle and threaded rods are made for a 27 inch wide cart.
Parts are sold as-is, unrefurbished.

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Complete Hardware set - Industrial wheel Lineberry

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