Railroad cart coffee table
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It's hard to date most of our carts to a specific decade, but we know this is one of the older ones. The heavy duty, simple cast iron hardware is a telltale sign of its antiquity, most likely originally built in the first decades of the 20th century. Far from utilitarian, however, the oversize hoop wheels tell a story of industrial age designers who delighted in the deceptive strength of a delicate shaft of iron. Steampunk at its best! Even the end wheels have a unique shape, an additional ornament to the usual cold iron. Besides the character in the wood grain of the frame, the Oak top also holds remnants of a wood putty pigment deep in its nooks and crannies. The cast iron hardware has been polished and sealed. Dimensions: 27 x 48 x 15.5

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Lineberry 17103

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