Nutting and Thomas hardware Railroad cart coffee table
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A hybrid Nutting - Thomas cart with polished hardware and the original fir top. The original tops are extremely scarce because softwoods don't make it through factory life as easily as Oak, and they are beautiful. The top boards each reacted differently to the walnut finish, either because of age, moisture, or some of them may have been replaced over the years of the cart's life. The corner brackets and show the original raised castings. The end wheels have the original Nutting name. All the solid cast iron hardware is in great condition. The side wheels are Thomas brand, reading along the spokes: THOMAS TRUCK AND CASTER CO KEOKUK IOWA. This is a fine example of a hard-to-find, heavy duty cart, which makes a striking table. Dimensions: 27 x 48 x 14
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Nutting Thomas N1610

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