Vintage US Army WWII metal case for IBM Punch Cards
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This World War II metal Army case was made to hold IBM punch cards which were Officers' Qualification Records. Used in the U.S. Army until the early 1960s, IBM Punch Card Systems for the Electrical Accounting Machines kept track of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and millions of tons of supplies and equipment. Written on the front is: 300 card selector unit for W.D. A.G.O. forms no. 20 and 66-1. WD AGO 20 was the soldier's qualification card and WD AGO Form 66 was the Flight Officer's Qualification Record. The box is in excellent shape, with a very interesting multi-fold opening operation. It also includes a new, unused pack of sorting tabs and the manual - TM12-490: War Department Technical Manual. Personnel Classification. Operation of the Marginal Punched Card Sorting System. War Department, 31 May 1944. Use it to store important documents, or a conversation-starting magazine holder. Measures 11 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches.

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US Army WWI Metal Case

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